AtCoder Regular Contest 089


Title問題名 User nameユーザ名 Question質問 Response回答 Public全体公開 Created time投稿日時 Modified time最終更新日時
GraphXY Ivan Safonov Is it oriented graph or not? Sorry, the graph should be directed. We are adding it now.

EDIT: Fixed. Again we are very sorry for those errors. We will make further efforts in preparing problems.
日本語の問題文を読まれている方へ: 無視してください(英語版の問題文に別の不備がありました)。
GraphXY jerrym Can the weight of an edge be 0? Sorry, the fourth condition should be: "Each edge has either an integer weight between 0 and 100 (inclusive), or a label X or Y." We are now fixing it.

EDIT: the statement is now fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
日本語の問題文を読まれている方へ: 無視してください(英語版の問題文に不具合がありました)。